Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Anyone Else Sick Of....

All this pre-election stuff being thrown at us in the media?

It is draining, and a HUGE turn-off to voters in general, but I fear mostly to our youth, who have to sit through commercial after commercial (sometimes candidates with back to back 30 second spots) of totally negativity, and bashing of the other guy.

The next Presidential election is going to be VERY ugly....with fear, security, and bad karma, being rained down on the American long stretches, leading up to Nov 2008. Very troubling.

One another note.

Lately, I've been doing lots of travelin....

A book that you need to get, to understand alot of the underpinnings of

* how we got into Iraq
* the inside mechanisms of the White House/NSA/dept of Defense and State Dept.
* Egos at play
* and, what happens when you have problems with leaders who fail to listen
* intelligence

This is a GREAT book. The book is called, "State of Denial" - by Bob Woodward.

Here is the link, buy it -- you will be happy you did.

Rock on,



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